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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

We have a winner!

After much debate, we'd like to announce the winner of the very first Challenge! 
While all the layouts and cards were of an exceptional quality, the gong goes to Ondine for her layout  "Happily Ever After". 
Ondine's layout kept to a simple, classic feel, and while being limited to only one colour, shows a great variety of depth and texture.  The journaling was the kicker for me - simple, meaningful words (in this case, their wedding vows), which gives the layout a sense of place and a timeless appeal. 
Love your work Ondine, you've won a prize pack, which we'll put together and get out to you in the next few days! 
A special honourable mention goes out to Jac, for her layout Smokey - I really loved the texture in your layout, and the little birds are just too cute.  Also, to Traci, for her "My Boys" layout - Traci really took the "white with one" to another level, and used lots of distress techniques to completely alter her white cardstock base into a vintage delight. I would love to see this layout in the flesh, as I suspect that the photo doesn't show up half the details.  The handwritten journaling on Lisa's "Feeling Blue" layout  really brings home to me what scrapbooking is all about, for me - recording a moment for posterity, and presenting it in a decorative way.  Kudos to Lisa for using handwriting on her layout, that's always a big plus in my book. 

I was completely floored by the variety of cards - I think we might run a separate card making challenge from here on in, so the cardmakers can really strut their stuff too :)  I really like seeing how the cardmakers amongst us are able to turn what essentially is a tiny canvas into such a beautiful work of art.  We'll announce a card challenge on Sunday night, and the new scrapping challenge tomorrow night. 

I should add, that while Michele and I picked out our favourites, we were at a stalemate as to which one to choose, so I left the final say to my beloved husband - so thanks to Pete for helping out :)

Thanks to everyone who participated, and please, join us tomorrow night for round two!


Ondine said...

Oh yay! I never win anything!!!! Super excited!!!!

Lis xx said...

Congratulations Ondine :) Lisa