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Friday, September 16, 2011

Cardmaking challenge #1

Ok Cardmakers, time to strut your stuff.

Let's get our Christmas groove on, and see what festive fun you can come up with!
For this challenge, you'll need to create a set of at least 3 cards with the theme of Christmas!
(and the added bonus is, you'll get a headstart on making your christmas cards for the year!) 
Show us what you're made of!
email your entries to or post them to our facebook wall :)
You have until the 1st of October to get your entries in!


KathH said...

This will be fun! Do they have to follow a theme (besides Christmas!)or can they be three different patterns/styles/techniques, etc?

Rita said...

Anything you like Kath, just as long as there's three. You can do a couple of sets if you're keen!

Jac Piper said...

I have made all my christmas cards but will give this a go and donate the cards to charity