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Friday, October 28, 2011

This is my "Me" page!
For this layout I used Echo Park's "Be Mine" collection - I distressed the edges of the lined paper, and inked them slightly, using Weathered Wood distress inks. I also did this to the spotty paper, and layered my photos over the top of that.
I used 4 small photos that I took of myself on my iPhone - I used an app called camera+ which is brilliant for on the run editing - I used a sepia tint, and a square crop. Once I printed these, I added a rough edge with distress ink again, to add a bit more of a shabby chic feel.
I painted the chipboard letters grey and black to match the shade of the paper a bit more, as well as a chipboard flourish. I layered this with some flowers, a tag embellishment and a fussy cut hot air balloon, to decorate the layout.
And last but certainly not least, I included LOTS of journaling!
My journaling reads :
I am - Rita , Mama, Wife, Sister, Aunty, Friend.
I love : frogs, belly laughs, snuggles, gadgets and my family
I hate: snakes, scary movies, empty packets being left in the fridge, tantrums and heights.
I like to eat: olives, cheeses, allens lollies, salt & vinegar chips, curry.
My favourite musicians are: (this week) - John Mayer, Adele, Bruno Mars, LMFAO, Billy Joel.
5 words that describe me: kind, honest, loyal, creative, dreamer.
I am currently addicted to: facebook, pinterest, finding cool apps for my iPhone, black jellybeans & caffeine.
My Pets names are: Bender, Sparky, Rizzo, Shadow, George & Bella
I like to: be silly, make beautiful things, cook delicious foods, watch disney movies with my gorgous girls, turn my music up really loud and sing along.
My favourite quote: "All who wander are not lost" - JRR Tolkien.

All the products that I used here, with the exception of the title (which I had in my stash) are available through our online store!

Look at MEEE challenge entries!

We didn't have too many people brave enough to participate in this challenge!
Though I am glad a few of you took the plunge - it's a bit of a stretch sometimes to scrapbook about ourselves, but it's SO important that you don't forget to occasionally!
These are our entries!
and another one from Ondine that for some reason won't flip around and behave itself! Argh!:Thanks for entering ladies, each of you will get a prize with your next order!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Challenge #3 - Look at MEEEEEE!

This challenge might be a bit of a challenge for many of us!
I want you to take a photo of yourself, or use a photo that someone else has taken of you. Just you... no kids, no hubby, no dogs, cats, guinea pigs or chickens....
And then...
We'd like to see some serious journaling!
Things that you like, things that you don't like - musicians that you LOVE, and songs that define how you feel at this point in your life - Interesting things about you, your favourite place to holiday... your favourite drink, food and chocolate flavour!
This might seem like we're being nosy, but we're not!
We want you to put together a layout all about you - so that in 100 years when your great grandkids are flipping through your albums with their kids, they'll be able to get a good idea of how awesome their ancestors were!
This is a great idea to do for each member of your family from time to time, but for now, the challenge is all about YOU!
Ok... so don't be too harsh, this is one of my very early layouts... I will be doing this challenge along with you all as well, but thought I'd include a picture of a similar layout that I did almost 4 years ago.
Can't wait to see what you all come up with!
This challenge closes at midnight on Wednesday the 26th October!
email your entry to - we lost a few entries last time as facebook wouldn't show them, so from now on, email them through and I'll upload them into an album. :)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Christmas Card Challenge

There's a lot of talented cardmakers around the ridges! 
I love seeing what everyone creates!
Without further ado, here's our gallery!
 This first set is my set, and as per the scrapping challenge, there's no names on the remainder to keep Michele on her toes :P

Some lovely cards there!  I'm loving seeing everyone's artwork!

Double Or Nothing Challenge Entries!

Whew, we've had a chaotic fortnight, with getting the old store ready to hand back, and starting to fit out the new room for the online store! 
However it appears that a few talented ladies haven't been too busy to throw together some beautiful layouts...
Here's what we've got so far...
 This top one is mine, so isn't in the competition - I try to do each challenge so that I get more layouts in my book! :) As for the rest of them, I'm not putting names on them so that the judging is a bit fairer :)

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